New Blog!

I recently switched web hosts and I thought I had moved everything over to my new blog host but I was shocked to open my blog today and realize all the graphics had been deleted! So, i put myself into overdrive and installed the new blog that I had planned on using. I made it a few weeks ago with plans to sell it on my web store once everything was in gear...

Hope you like it!

I also have a whole bunch of new updates coming out soon including a new logo, business cards, marketing promotions and a new client management and proofing site. We are really upgrading our service which should make for a much smoother experience for everybody!

In other news we just got back from E-Town Pa where we had a wonderful time with some friends from college, we went to hershey's chocolate world, I got to play golf, watch basketball, and on our way out we got to stop by the house where the Gosslin's (jon and kate plus 8) lived during the first three seasons of their show! It was surreal being there because after watching so many episodes it felt like we already knew the place. kind of creepy:)



Ben Waddell

Two great books!

I probably shouldn't have spent the afternoon reading, after all I did go into Barnes & Noble with the full intention of mastering my Physics homework. Yesterday when I tried to study Physics I ended up studying the physics behind the perfect putt, which can elegantly be described in this graph.

... the formula is a beautiful expression of the perfect putt, which is a downswing 2x's faster than the resonance of the pendulum motion you are making in the putt. I don't know how this relates to photography, but a blog is about life right?!

So yesterday I was a dismal failure in the Physics department, and today I failed because I read two incredible books. The first one is about being an intern, the year after med school where you work long hours and do tons of grunt work. Its like a rite of passage for Physicians. It is incredibly fascinating and makes me very excited (and nervous) about the future because being a Dr. is an incredible amount of work!

The other book I read was about Conservatism. I don't want to get into politics on my blog but this book was really great at describing a conservating position and even better at describing the danger and frustration conservatives see in a liberal socialist "progressive" agenda. So, if you are a liberal read the book, if you are a conservative read the book, if you are in between, read the book. Whether you agree or disagree with it doesn't matter so much to me as long as you take time to digest what Mark Levin has to say!



I just noticed that in the association of photographers that I'm in, that Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, they've moved me to the top of the list in Virginia! That's because I'm the only photographer that has placed in any of the photo contests in the last two quarterly competitions. Kinda Cool!